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With the aim of providing help and development in religious, social, cultural, financial and educational matters, to the people of Rajapur Saraswath Brahmin Samaj, living in and around Bangalore, the Rajapur Saraswat Samaj (R) Bangalore was founded on 14th Oct 1975. The office of the Bangalore Samaj is located in New Krishna Bhavan, Malleshwaram. Striving for social development, our Bangalore Samaj has adopted the following programmes.

To provide guidance to the youth of our community, to get toghether and move forward which will help them in their progress in areas of education, work and self development. Providing financial help to the needy members of our community. Recognize the significant contribution made by the members of our comminty in the social, educational, political and cultural arena. Provide the educated unemployed members with the descriptive information regarding employment opportunities.

Provide carrier counselling to the students of our community based on their interest and their educational background. Developing the thinking, oratory and creativity skills among the young memebers of our community by organizing debates, seminars and speech delivering competitions. Organize reiligiousand cultural whenmembers meet during festive occasions. Holding sessions regarding the meaning and responsibilities of marriage and also help in match making.Providing the members of our community with the facilities of library and reading rooms.

Rajapur Saraswat Samaj, Bangalore has come a long way since it's early days. It has many feathers of success in it's cap. Opening a hostel for the youth of our community is just one of it's successful endeavour. Recently Rajapur Brahmin Samaj, Bangalore celebrated it's silver jubilee. RSBNet would like to extend a hearty congratulation to all the members of our Bangalore Samaj and would like to wish it success in all it's future undertakings and projects.

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