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Rajapur Saraswath Brahmins are a branch of the saraswath brahmins, who were supposed to have resided on the banks of the legendary river saraswathi. They got their name from their village of origin namely RAJAPUR in Ratnagiri district of Mahashtra state in India.

The members of this community follow the hindu religion and speak konkani. The konkani spoken by them is a mixture of marathi and goan konkani, with a bigger percent of marathi mixed in it. They consider the Swamiji of KAVALE MUTT of Goa as their spiritual guru. Though this community has a small population, its members are now spread all over the world.

This site is a single stop source of information regarding the origin, customs, culture, history . of Rajapur Saraswath Brahmins. In order to make this site more interesting we have incorporated much more information than just that of RSB community.


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